The term Energy Management means many things to many people.

One definition is:

"The judicious and effective use of energy to maximize profits (minimize costs) and enhance competitive positions"

Another comprehensive definition is:

"The strategy of adjusting and optimizing energy, using systems and procedures so as to reduce energy requirements per unit of output while holding constant or reducing total costs of producing the output from these systems"

At EMANZ we believe Energy Management encompasses a wide range of activities and expertise in the optimal use of energy.  This includes the areas of measurement and control; the development of management strategies, programmes and plans; and the expert implementation of techniques, technology and tools to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainable use of energy.  

An International Standard for Energy Management

In August 2011 the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard was released. This International Standard establishes a framework for industrial plants; commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities; and entire organisations to manage their energy. The Standard is based on the classic business planning cycle “Plan - Do - Check - Act” and provides guidance for organisations in establishing energy policies, programmes and action plans to improve their energy use.

A good summation of that process is shown in the following diagram: