The Energy Management Association of New Zealand, in association with Lighting Council New Zealand and Ideal Electrical/Rexel Lighting, held the National Commercial Lighting Expo – Efficient Lighting and Controls 2013.

Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees for making this event such a success.

Presentations Available...


Lighting Technologies Chris Byrne - Ideal Electrical/Rexel Lighting

A brief overview of the new lighting technologies, some comparisons with existing technologies, and a look at how they can be best incorporated into modern commercial lighting.


Lighting Renewals – Capturing the Energy Saving Opportunities Noel Mason - Noel Mason Consulting Ltd

The potential for cost effective savings in lighting systems is outstanding as reductions in excess of 50% are often possible. The wide use of old technologies, plus changes to standards, and a drive for ‘environmental friendliness’ results in many issues that must be taken into account when identifying the savings opportunities.


Sensors and Controls Wes Nielson - 0800 Save Energy

 An overview of technologies and an introduction to intelligent systems. How common are they and what is the cost-benefit balance? And how is EECA promoting controlled lighting systems?


Project Economics Godfrey Bridger - Bridger Beavis & Assoc Ltd

Most decisions on significant projects are first made on the basis of project economics because money is almost always the most scarce resource. Lighting is too often taken for granted, so it's particularly important for modern technology features and benefits to be translated wherever possible into economic benefits.


Exterior Commercial Lighting Bryan King - Lighting Management Consultants Ltd

Exterior car park and precinct lighting offers many opportunities for energy and economic savings over traditional HID options. With changing AS/NZS and international standards the market is opening for LED luminaires and adaptive lighting controls, including standalone controls and Central Management Systems.


LED Light Sources - the Myths and the Facts Richard Ponting - Lighting Council New Zealand

What is an LED, and what are its capabilities in the commercial lighting setting? How well does an LED perform over its life? And what does the future hold for LED lighting?


Case Study – Deep Savings from Lighting Retrofit AIAL Martin Lynch - 0800 Save Energy

The lighting upgrade undertaken by 0800 Save Energy at the Auckland International Airport Terminal Check-In Area, which features intelligent light control and the latest technology luminaires.