Applications for Energy-Carbon Manager Professional Training and Accreditation Programme.

The next 4-day study block is 11-14 June 2019 in Auckland (Venue: Karstens, Level 4, 205 Queen Street).

Participants must enrol in time to complete 40 hours of workplace based preparation prior to the four day study block course.

Please refer to the course information form for applicable registration fees, payment options and cancellation policy. We will be in touch by return email.

As advised in the background document, applicants will be assessed for their suitability at the time of application and advised if their experience and current responsibilities means they require additional experience to undertake this course of study. This will involve a telephone conversation with Robert Tromop, with one of the programme leaders.

Robert will contact you (or you are wlecome to get in touch with Robert) by email or phone 027 531 5133.

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Mandatory Fields


An invoice will be sent on receiving your registration, please advise what company / individual name and address is to appear on the invoice, any applicable Purchase Order numbers or other details you require. Note a 3% surcharge is applicable if paying by credit card.
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided each day. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements ie allergies or vegetarian etc.
Please let us know if you have any disabilities or conditions we need to be aware of to provide assistance if needed.
Please let us know how you heard about this event, eg. EMANZ email, Programme Coordinator phone call, EECA, through a colleague, on LinkedIn.