Smart Power has provided clients with a one stop shop for all aspects of independent energy management advice since 1993.

Clients may tailor their energy management package to suit their needs from our full range of services:
  • Energy Procurement
  • Risk assessment on partial hedge offers
  • Invoice verification and payment
  • Monitoring and targeting reporting
  • Line and transmission analysis services
  • Energy audits by EMANZ accredited auditors
  • Tenant billing
  • Technical solutions such as:
    • Power factor analysis and reporting
    • Power quality/harmonic distortion analysis
    • Load profiling, logger rental
  • Total energy management
  • E-Smart online data information resource
Smart Power works with all energy forms and adds value to your business through, increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy use and improving administration processes


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Automated Demand Control Systems
Commercial Building Energy Services
Energy Audits
Energy Management Information Systems
Energy Procurement & Tariff Analysis
Heating & Cooling Systems
Industrial Energy Services
Industrial Motors & Drives
Measurement & Verification
Metering & Monitoring Services
Policy & Training
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