Ecosave is one of the largest independent Energy Services Company (ESCO), offering free energy savings assessments, guaranteed savings, fixed fee proposals and funding solutions.

Ecosave has implemented projects at more than 3,000 sites across New Zealand and Australia since 2002.

Ecosave’s multidisciplinary solutions includes:

  • Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects (GESP)
  • Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), Utility Management Services 
  • Energy and Carbon Management Services and Environmental Sustainability Consulting


  • Energy and Water Savings Projects (ESP)
  • Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Utility Management Services
  • Environmental Sustainability Consulting
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals
  • Energy Services Agreements (ESA’s)
  • Energy Management and Analytics 


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Energy Management Information Systems
Energy Performance Contracting
Energy Procurement & Tariff Analysis
Heating & Cooling Systems
Industrial Energy Services
Industrial Motors & Drives
Metering & Monitoring Services
Structured Finance, Leasing & Hire
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Corporate Members