Sam Roose.jpg

Company: Enercon (A Division of  LTH Ltd)

Address: 210 Hazeldean Road, Addington, Christchurch

Phone: 03 384 7905


Area Covered: New Zealand

Accredited EnergyMasters Auditor
Registration Number: AEA 12/12    Date of Initial Registration: March 2007

Accredited EnergyMasters Continuous Commissioning
Registration Number: CCCBS 07/15    Date of Initial Registration: July 2015

Specialist Topic Area: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Energy Audits | HVAC | Lighting | Design Audits | Building Energy Simulation | Alternative/Renewable Energy Sources | BMS | HVAC System Optimisation

Areas of Expertise: Sam is Principal Energy Engineer at Enercon – an energy management and engineering consultancy for commercial, institutional and industrial clients.  He has had 15 years’ experience in improving the energy efficiency of buildings, both existing and new, and has been Christchurch based for 6 years (previously Wellington and London).   

He has worked with a variety of facility types, from state-of-the-art residences to large scale campuses and industrial sites, and a variety of climates. Sam has conducted projects at many project stages from conceptual design through to auditing and continuous commissioning.

Sam specialises in energy audits, design audits, feasibility studies and hour by hour computer simulations. Sam has a Bachelor of Building Science (Honours) from Victoria University.



EnergyMasters Type: 
EnergyMasters Continuous Commissioning Specialist
EnergyMasters Auditor