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Company: Mason Consulting & Services Ltd

Address: PO Box 56, Albany Village, Auckland

Phone: 09 473 5757

Area Covered: North and South Islands

Accredited EnergyMasters Auditor 
Registration Number: AEA 07/02   Date of Initial Registration: July 2007

Specialist Topic Area: Commercial, Industrial and Exterior Lighting

Areas of Expertise: Noel has worked in the electricity industry for in excess of 40 years, with the last 18 years as Managing Director of Mason Consulting & Services Ltd. 

He provides electrical engineering design, energy auditing, and energy management services to commercial, government, and industrial clients. While his specialist area of operation is energy efficient lighting design and project management (with many significant projects carried out), he is also an EECA approved compressed air systems auditor.


EnergyMasters Type: 
EnergyMasters Commercial Lighting Specialist
EnergyMasters Auditor