Ivan Fraser_1.jpg

Company:  Ivan A Fraser, Consulting Engineer

Address:  28 Cockayne Cres, Sunnynook, Auckland 0620

Phone:  09 410 5008

Mobile: 0274 998 783

Email:  ivanfraser3@gmail.com

Area Covered: All of New Zealand

Accredited EnergyMasters Auditor
Registration Number: AEA 04/02    Date of Initial Registration: April 2002   

Accreditated EnergyMasters Compressed Air Specialist
Registration Number: CAS 04/01    Date of Initial Registration: April 2001

Accreditated EnergyMasters Process Heat
Registration Number:  EMPH 05/ 13    Date of Initial Registration: 15 January 2004

Specialist Topic Area:  Thermodynamics, air emissions and pollution control

Areas of Expertise:  Ivan has been working as designer, manufacturer and consultant in thermal and environmental engineering since 1970. He has been experienced in energy auditing of industrial and process plants, and larger commercial and industrial premises since 1992.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Industrial heating, combustion and heat recovery

  • Air emission and pollution control

  • Food and drink industries

  • Processing industries

  • Chemical plants

  • Swimming pools

  • HVAC and building services

EnergyMasters Type: 
EnergyMasters Process Heat Systems
EnergyMasters Compressed Air Specialist
EnergyMasters Auditor