David Taylor_0.jpg

Company: DETA Consulting

Address: Unit F, 359A Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch 

Mobile: 027 247 5431


Website: www.deta.co.nz

Area Covered: All of New Zealand

Accredited EnergyMasters Auditor
Registration Number: AEA 05/03    Date of Initial Registration: May 2005

Accredited EnergyMasters Refrigeration Specialist
Registration Number: EMRef 08/14    Date of Initial Registration: August 2014

Accredited EnergyMasters Process Heat Systems
Registration Number: PH 05/13 (Provisional only)    Date of Initial Registration: May 2013

Specialist Topic Areas: HVAC | Controls & Lighting |  Process Heat 
Areas of Expertise: David is a specialist energy engineer who has worked in the New Zealand energy industry since 2000.  He specialises in providing advice to facilities with complicated energy consuming systems, large or small.  David is adept at simplifying the most complex of problems into easy to understand and implement solutions.  His particular areas of expertise include HVAC, process heat, controls and lighting. By utilising both his engineering and financial background he provides reporting which is suited to both technical and financial personnel resulting in a streamlined implementation and energy saving process. 



EnergyMasters Type: 
EnergyMasters Refrigeration Specialist
EnergyMasters Process Heat Systems
EnergyMasters Auditor