Below is a list of our EMANZ trainers, who are highly experienced professionals actively engaged in the specialist engineering and energy management disciplines that they are responsible for teaching.

Erin Roughton

Ivan Fraser

Jake Roos

Kevin McGrath

Lance Jimmieson

Mark Crawford

Noel Mason

Norman Smith

Paul Chapman

Rob Bishop

Robert Tromop

Steve Kromer (USA)

CEO Group

ErinRoughton_crop.jpgErin Roughton

Erin is an accredited energy auditor and leading energy management specialist in New Zealand. Working on international and national projects spanning 23 years, he has practical experience in energy engineering including design, energy auditing, energy efficiency, electrical equipment efficiency, renewable energy, research and development and projects management. 
Erin has provided innovative and cost effective advice to clients who include private businesses, food processing companies, councils, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, hotels and home owners.  In 2002, Erin established Emsol, an energy management consultancy, and he has successfully directed its development and growth for twelve years.
Erin takes pride in making energy savings easy for his clients. As a qualified professional engineer, he develops integrity based relationships and assists clients in implementing findings to achieve maximum energy cost savings.

Ivan Fraser_1.jpgIvan Fraser

Ivan has been working as designer, manufacturer and consultant in thermal and environmental engineering since 1970. He has been experienced in energy auditing of industrial and process plants, and larger commercial and industrial premises since 1992.


Jake Roos.jpgJake Roos

Jake is an expert in the field of sustainable energy and climate change, particularly in local government. and finished in his role as Senior Programme Advisor (Environmental) with the Kāpiti Coast District Council, and now operating as an Independent Consultant. Over this period, he lead the initiative which saw KCDC become the first local authority in NZ to be CEMARS (ISO-14064) certified. (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme). As a result, there has been a 50% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions at the Council as it has effectively managed its energy end use and costs. He also has a teaching background in energy and has been active in reaching beyond the Council’s own operations to work with the community on energy saving initiatives.

Kevin McGrath (2)_0.jpgKevin McGrath

Kevin is the Director of Power Solutions Ltd, a company that has been providing energy management services for almost 25 years.  

He has a Diploma in Energy Management, is an EMANZ Energy Auditor Energy Master and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional.  Recently he also completed training to become an ISO 50001 Auditor.

Kevin assisted in peer reviewing the EMANZ Commercial Building Energy Specialist (CBES) training material and has been a trainer in providing the current CBES Lighting modules and also the Facilities Management training courses.

Lance Jimmiesonv2_1.jpgLance Jimmieson

Lance Jimmieson is a specialist Building Services Engineer and the Managing Director of Jackson Engineering Advisers Ltd, with 35 years' industry experience covering a wide range of building services applications. Lance’s experience includes design, commissioning and continuous commissioning of complex mechanical services systems, specialist BMS skills and plant failure diagnostics / root cause analysis

Lance has developed specialist skills in improving the performance of existing buildings, leading a company specialising in the upgrade and improvement of existing building stock.  Following a ground-up career with leading industry companies and now 14 years as owner and director of Jackson Engineering Advisers, Lance has built a unique team of engineers capable of providing practical consulting services to the existing buildings market, with a keen insight into the needs of Building Owners and Managers.
In line with Lance’s personal drivers, Lance continues to lead an industry focus towards the built environment, being in the first group in New Zealand to qualify as a NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional. Lance is also a course developer and trainer in Building Services courses operated by the Energy Management Association of NZ, further demonstrating his focus on improving the service delivery from the HVAC trade and leading improvements in the performance of existing buildings.
Lance is also an actively member of the Facilities Management Association and the NZ Green Building Council.

Mark_Crawford_photo.jpgMark Crawford

Mark Crawford is an electrical engineer by qualification, with a passion for systems commissioning. With 20 years experience in engineering and commissioning, including managing the commissioning of complex, highly technical buildings, Mark understands the importance of thorough planning for the testing and commissioning phase of construction.

Originating from the UK, Mark works as a Technical Director for Beca in Auckland, having previously performed a similar role in the London office. Mark has worked complex buildings, including GreenStar buildings, and mission critical facilities, such as data centres, both in the UK and NZ, with a client list including the NZ & UK Governments, various telecommunications, banks and pharmaceutical companies.

Mark strongly believes in thorough commissioning of buildings’ systems and the careful management of that commissioning. His philosophy is that if a system cannot be commissioned correctly the effort and expense of design and installation has been wasted. Within Beca Mark is leading the drive to educate the engineers on the importance of commissioning and how the design of building services can be enhanced to assist the installation and commissioning on site.

Mark has been a member of the Commissioning Specialist Association (CSA) in the UK for 20 years, having served on the committee for four years. He is a founding co-chairman of the New Zealand branch of the CSA, launched in the third quarter of 2013. Mark, along with his fellow chairman and committee members in NZ, is actively promoting the benefits of good commissioning to the NZ buildings market.

Noel Mason (2)_0.jpgNoel Mason

Noel has been Managing Director of Mason Consulting & Services Ltd (MCS) for more than 20 years.

MCS provides electrical and energy management services to Government, Educational, Commercial, and Industrial customers.

Additionally, Noel provides services to EMANZ for the assessment of Energy Masters and Energy Specialist applicants seeking accreditation.  He has extensive experience in developing and delivering the CBES Lighting training course, as well as helping develop and deliver various EMANZ presentations.  He is an EMANZ Energy Auditor EnergyMaster. 

Paul Chapman2.pngPaul Chapman 

Paul Chapman manages Energy Link’s services for larger energy consumers, including consultancy and information services, and the delivery of the company’s online energy management product: Ellserve. 

With a mainly IT background, Paul joined the energy industry in 1999 and has worked in distribution, generation and as with independent consultants.  He has conducted numerous electricity-related procurements for a wide range of organisations including central and local Government, commercial and industrial consumers and generators seeking hedge cover.

Paul has developed and conducted procurement workshops since 2009 and is long standing member of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand.

Rob_Bishop_2015_2.jpgRob Bishop

Rob Bishop is a director of Energy Solutions Limited, a founding member of EMANZ and former chairman. He led the development of energy auditor accreditation in 1999, and the Facilities Manager and Commercial Building Energy Specialist training programme development in 2009-2010, covering both technical and energy management disciplines.

Rob has taught energy management programmes within New Zealand, and internationally and has developed and applied assessment procedures for EMANZ accreditations. He continues to invent new technologies for delivering energy efficiency and track energy consumption and savings, deploy them locally, and present them at local and international conferences.

Rob has guided two organisations through the ISO 50001 process (though neither has become accredited) and is an EECA Partner in Energy Management Planning (formerly Energy Management Advice), as well as Monitoring and Targeting and Continuous Commissioning. Rob is an EnergyMasters Commercial Building Specialist.

Robert Tromop.JPGRobert Tromop

Robert  is a freelance energy consultant and founding member of EMANZ working internationally from Wellington.
Most recently, he led energy efficiency at the OECD International Energy Agency IEA, was Manager Monitoring and Research at EECA, and has led and delivered diverse energy management and training initiatives internationally for the IEA and APEC Energy Working Group, and in New Zealand.
These include leading the IEA’s EMAK (Energy Management Network) in collaboration with IPEEC and the Japanese Government

Steve Kromer v2.jpgSteve Kromer

Steve Kromer has spent the past twenty-plus years in the field of energy efficiency where he has focused on energy measurement (M&V), energy information and risk management.  Steve worked for the National Center for Appropriate Technology, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and most recently for Enron Energy Services.

Steve is a past Chairman of the Board of EVO and is now chairman of the CMVP Board and holds a CMVP certificate. Steve holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of California.

Steve has delivered the Measurement & Verification Training Course and CMVP Exam in many countries around the world, including the first two courses in New Zealand in 2013 and 2014.