Wellington City Council (WCC) has undertaken to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 compared to 2014 levels.  Reducing energy use will play a significant part in this overall reduction. 

The Council has been actively managing it energy use since 2007 and has implemented a wide range of efficiency measures including lighting, boilers, swimming pool systems, chillers, BMS optimisation and air handling systems.

WCC provides monthly energy and cost data to its asset managers and those of its major Council Controlled Organisations, and managers can interrogate the energy data management system directly to obtain more detailed information.

The Energy manager works across Council and the major CCOs to investigate energy issues, make energy saving recommendations and implementing measures.

The Sustainability team has a goal of reducing impact on the environment by promoting green technology & services, investing in green infrastructure and reducing emissions from all sources.

The overall policy is steered by a Low Carbon Capital Plan adopted in June 2016.


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