Welcome to EMANZ Conference 2016

NZ's premier flagship event in the energy efficiency and energy management calendar!

EMANZ annual conference is a unique blend of practitioners and policy makers coming together to discuss practical issues relating to energy management. This year the focus is on energy productivity and partnerships.

The 2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index Report states that the current rate of energy productivity improvement – around 1.3% worldwide each year – is too slow to keep pace with the rising energy demand.  Since 1999 New Zealand’s has been below average at 1.16%.  Exciting opportunities exist if this improvement were doubled by 2030, as some countries such as the US have set their sights on achieving.

“the global fossil fuel bill could be reduced by more than €2 trillion (compared to the Business-As-Usual Scenario). Moreover, this would create more than six million jobs globally by 2020, net of any job losses in low energy-intensity sectors.  Improving energy productivity is also a key measure to realise the greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to keep the global temperature increase within a maximum of two degrees centigrade, the globally agreed target. “[1]

At the macro level, a focus on energy productivity[2] is clearly important for a country’s overall productivity and competitiveness, at the business level this is delivered by practical energy productivity improvements by Energy Managers.  Energy Managers do this with the support and partnership of internal and external clients, so enhancing partnership thinking and practice is beneficial to any business and the Energy Management sector in particular. 

At the 2016 EMANZ Conference in Auckland, energy productivity will be explored at a macro and micro level with experts from throughout the productivity and energy sectors.  Policymakers and practitioners will investigate what has and hasn’t worked in the service and partnership space within our industry and others.  Our international keynote speakers will add a global view as we explore the way Energy Productivity and Partnerships will contribute to the Next Energy Revolution.

This is your opportunity to be associated with the thought leadership and cutting edge discussion that will shape the future of energy use in New Zealand. Your organisation will benefit from the knowledge sharing and business opportunities that will derive from this event.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event.

[1] Kornelis Blok, Paul Hofheinz and John Kerkhoven “The 2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index”  in Lisbon Council Policy Brief Vol. 9, No. 1 (2015)

[2] Energy productivity is defined as the volume of services or products that can be generated per unit of energy. It is not the same as energy efficiency, which measures the inverse – i.e. how much energy is needed to produce a given level of output.