Control Systems and Instrumentation was established in 1997 and reregistered in 2003 as CSINZ.COM Limited.

Our mission is to deliver open and interoperable Building Automation Systems and Products to service agencies, contractors, specifying engineers and end users. We are therefore an independent wholly owned and operated New Zealand Company.

Our Experience
With over 55 years of experience in the building operations and controls business and several strategic relationships, the team at CSINZ are able to answer all application questions and are well versed in many international brands including those we directly represent in New Zealand. “We have developed a reputation for being able to track down those elusive components from many corners of the globe or to engineer and install a modern solution from stock held in our store."
Our Delivery
As an independent controls company we are able to apply local ingenuity and experience to deliver leading edge solutions, which conform to the highest of industry standards and best practice methodologies. Furthermore, we can incorporate products and systems selected from several reputable manufacturers and suppliers and integrate them within a single system architecture utilising industry standard protocols and network topologies.


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Commercial Building Energy Services
Energy Management Information Systems
Metering & Monitoring Services
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