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EMANZ is delighted to announce the following speakers at this year's conference ...

EMANZ Conference Programme 2017

Keynote Speaker

Andres Carvallo 
Topic: The Advanced Smart Grid : Edge Power Driving Sustainability

Andres Carvallo cropped.jpeg

Andres is the founder and CEO of CMG, a consultancy specialising in smart grids, IoT, telecommunications and software focusing on the energy sector, is founder and CEO of Westlake Energy, a specialist solutions provider in distributed generation and microgrids, and is on the Board of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. 

He sits on  advisory boards for the University of Kansas, Texas State University, the Smart Grid Summits and the Energy Thoughts Summit. His knowledge and experience of smart grids extends back to 2003 when he was developing projects for Austin Energy.  Andres is a multiple award winner in the sector.

To view Andres’s presentation, click this link The Advanced Smart Grid : Edge Power Driving Sustainability pdf 3.42MB.

John Ascroft | Chief Innovation Officer, Jade Software
Topic: Are you ready for the future?JohnAscroft.jpg

Futurist John Ascroft, Chief Innovation Officer at Jade Software, returns to EMANZ to discuss the broad and deep opportunities that new technology will soon open up. Rather than sitting back and waiting for change to happen, John argues that the strategy and mindset that businesses take when considering the future are as important as any innovation.

To view John’s presentation, click this link Are you ready for the future? pdf 613kb.

Dr Martin Atkins | Energy Research Centre, University of Waikato

Topic: Industrial Process Heat - Options for Efficiency Improvements and Emissions Reduction130426_TC_Martin.jpg

Martin will cover current and future options for reducing emissions for industrial process heat, as well as improving overall efficiency.

To view Martins presentation, click this link Industrial Process Heat - Options for Efficiency Improvements and Emissions Reduction pdf 2.56MB

Adam Beck | Founding Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand
Topic: The Code for Smart Communities: Powering Sustainable Cities of the Future

Beck Headshot_square.jpg

The Code for Smart Communities is set to become a benchmark for accelerating the sustainability outcomes of our communities by embracing technological innovation, applying data-driven decision making, and ensuring intelligent design practices. The Code will provide public and private sector developers with a framework for planning, designing, and delivering urban development projects that can drive greenhouse gas emissions reductions through the generation and distribution of low carbon energy, comprehensive data analytics and reporting, and consumer interface management.

To view Adam’s presentation, click this link The Code for Smart Communities pdf 2.83MB.

Rob Bishop | Technical Director, Energy Solutions Ltd 
Topic: Surprises during monitoring - experience using Disruptive Technology 

Beck Headshot_square.jpg

This is a summary of the most valuable lessons learned over the last twenty years of diagnostic monitoring of energy consuming equipment in commercial and industrial facilities across New Zealand. It also looks at recent developments in simple, effective continuous commissioning, by automatically capturing and analysing HVAC data.

To view Rob’s presentation, click this link Surprises during monitoring - experience using Disruptive Technology pdf 2.9MB

Andrew Caseley | CEO, EECA
Topic: New Strategy for a Changing Energy Landscape

After four months at the helm of EECA, Andrew Caseley talks about the organisation’s evolving direction and response to opportunities such as electric vehicles and a new NZ Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (NZEECS).

To view Andrew’s presentation, click this link New Strategy for a changing Energy Landscape pdf 891kb.

Marc England | CEO, Genesis Energy

Topic: Reimagining Energy Management - An Incumbent's PerspectiveMarc England Hi res jpg Sept 16.jpg

Marc will cover how Genesis Energy will look to re-imagine energy to be a customer's first choice for energy management. He will take delegates through his vision of how Genesis Energy is transforming itself to be all about the customer.

To view Marc’s presentation, click this link  Re-imaging Energy Management - An Incumbents Perspective pdf 738kb.

Ganesh Ganeshkumar | ANZ Territory Manager, Ecoult
Topic: Energy Storage - Embracing Flexibility ganesh ecoult.jpg

Profitable energy storage business models combine multiple value streams. This presentation will show the complex power profiles Ecoult’s kW and MW systems service in both grid connected and off grid applications to combine ancillary services, increase efficiency of fossil fuel generation means and balance ad hoc renewable generation. Ecoult’s solution are powered by the CSIRO invented UltraBattery.

To view Ganesh’s presentation, click this link Energy Storage - Embracing Flexibility pdf 3.01MB

Dr Daniel Gnoth | Senior Data Reporting Analyst, Powerco

Eric Pellicer | Commercial Manager, Powerco

Topic: Potential Impacts and Opportunities of EV Domestic Charging on Distribution daniel and eric.jpgNetworks

Impacts of electrical demand from domestic charging were modelled under a number of uptake scenarios. The study found that current pricing mechanisms alone may not be enough to effectively manage new demand. Options for dynamic charging infrastructure may need to be considered.

Dr Michael Jack | University of Otago

Topic: Passive and Active Energy Storage Technologies 

Beck Headshot_square.jpg

In a future of increasingly variable renewable electricity generation, higher demand peaks and infrastructure constraints, energy storage is likely to play a transformative role.  Electrical energy storage technologies come in two types: passive storage, that for example stores electricity as heat for future use, and active storage, that can both store and discharge electricity on demand.  In this talk we will present recent work from the MBIE-funded GREEN Grid project on evaluating the performance of both types of storage for demand management in the residential sector.

To view Michael's presentation, click this link Passive and Active Energy Storage Technologies pdf 11.2MB

Steve Kromer | Principal, SKEE

Topic: Compared to What? The Continuing Challenges and Developing Opportunities for Quantifying Efficiency

Beck Headshot_square.jpg

Standard tools and techniques for quantifying the results of energy efficiency and energy performance projects have been available for 20 years. But new sources of data and more user friendly simulation tools are  changing how practitioners perform "M&V".  This talk will cover some of the recent developments in metering and simulation that promise to turn this art into a science. 

To view Steve's presentation, click this link Compared to what? pdf 3.15MB

Anak Lumb | Sales Manager NZ, Bidgely Inc. 

Topic: 100% Electricity Bill Itemisation for all homes - Fact or FantasyAnak Passport_1.JPG

By disaggregating the standard 30 minute smart-meter load information available today, the 100% itemised bill has become an economic reality.  This presentation will explain how it works, who is using it, and the positive ramifications for those retailers who have deployed it.

To view Anak's presentation, click this link 100% Electricity Bill Itemisation for all homes - Fact or Fantasy pdf 2.19MB

Chris McArthur | Strategic Account Manager, Enphase Energy

Topic: Software Defined Distributed Energy Systemschris mcarthur.jpg

Chris will discuss the benefits of software defined and adaptive control of distributed energy resources. He will show how changing the parameters of microinverter behavior remotely has helped enhance grid stability. He will also outline some of the new functionality required by inverters under the new NZAS 4777.2 (2015) standard and the implications of that for photovoltaic (PV) generation on the grid.

To view Chris’s presentation, click this link Software Defined Distributed Energy Systems  pdf 2.14MB.

Jason Marshall | Asset Management Engineer, Antarctica New Zealand

Topic: Antarctica New Zealand's Energy Management System Case StudyJason_Marshall-09 cropped.jpg

Jason will outline the importance of effective energy management in a complex environment through Antarctica New Zealand’s experience. He will share the energy management experiences encountered while implementing an energy management system. Antarctica New Zealand have successfully achieved independent verification of their energy management system with Energy-Mark Silver Certification in a particularly challenging environment – Ross Island, Antarctica.

To view Jason’s presentation, click this link Antarctica New Zealand's Energy Management System Case Study pdf 889kb

Scott Base 60th Anniversary Video link

Craig Muir |  Business Manager, BSI New Zealand Ltd
Jim Riddle |  Business State Team Manager & Client Manager, BSI Australia Pty Ltd   
Topic: ISO 50001 - the Path to Certificationriddle and muir.jpg

Craig and Jim will discuss the requirements and the process for achieving internationally recognized certification to ISO 50001: Energy Management System.  Utilizing an ISO50001 certified organisation as a case study, they will discuss their experience as they worked through the process and achieved their certification.

To view Craig and Jim’s presentation, click this link ISO 50001 - the Path to Certification  pdf 1.95MB

James Muir | Business Innovation Advisor, Callaghan Innovation

Topic: Commercialising Number 8 Innovation in the Energy Sectorjames muir.jpg

James will summarise some of Callaghan Innovation’s initiatives to help NZ businesses succeed through technology and innovation in the energy sector, including the 2016 US smart grid mission and the 2017 Innovation Challenge and Lightning Lab Electric programme. General Market and technology trends, barriers and opportunities for NZ technology companies will also be discussed.

To view James's presentation, click this link Commercialising Number 8 Innovation in the Energy Sector pdf 1.88MB

Nirmal Nair | VP, Associate Professor, Power Systems Group, University of Auckland
Topic: Renewables and storage in electricity distribution: disruption or value add?

Beck Headshot_square.jpg

Disruptive consumer technologies like PV, Storage and EV are energizing discussions amongst consumers, electricity utilities, regulators and new players like ICT providers and innovators. Nirmal's presentation will highlight value addition/disruption of this trend and future likelihood of peer-to-peer transactive financials from the existing bundled electricity retail tarriff.

To view Nirmal’s presentation, click this link Renewables and storage in electricity distribution: disruption or value add? pdf 5.73MB

Michael Richardson | Demand Response Programme Manager, Transpower New Zealand Ltd

Topic: Responding to an Uncertain Future with Demand Responsemichael richardson.jpg

Over the next 5-10 years, we expect load profiles on the grid to remain similar to today. However, over this time we do expect questions around transmission pricing, carbon price and climate change policy to create uncertainty and tighten security margins. Towards the end of this period, we also expect the uptake of disruptive technologies such as photovoltaics with batteries and electric vehicles could start impacting load profile, potentially growing demand and creating pressure to invest in grid capacity. 

When it comes to responding to uncertainty, we do have the power of choice. Often we think we are faced with binary choices: yes or no - one or the other. But sometimes this isn’t enough and we’re forced to look for something else. That’s exactly what happened in our case, as we looked at the complex and rapidly changing landscape of the New Zealand electricity industry.

To view Michael’s presentation, click this link Responding to an Uncertain Future with Demand Response pdf 1.60MB

Sam Roose | Divisional Manager, Enercon (A Division of LTH Limited) 

Ben Thomson | Energy Engineer, Enercon (A Division of LTH Limited) 
Topic: Applying Continuous Commissioning to Specific Concerns ben and sam.jpg

Sam and Ben will give an overview of two applications of commercial continuous commissioning, where specific concerns required a deviation away from default procedures, and were smoothed through initial auditing, gradual fine-tuning, and regular review with staff and contractors.

To view Sam and Ben’s presentation, click this link Applying Continuous Commissioning to specific concerns pdf 1.26MB.

Greg Sise | Managing Director, Energy Link Ltd

Topic: Competition, the Internet and the Customer Greg Sise head shoulders.jpg

Greg will review trends in electricity procurement in the C&I sector, and how competition, the internet and customer expectations have shaped and will shape the procurement process over the next decade, including two case studies of procurement using Energy Link’s auction web sites.

To view Greg’s presentation, click this link Competition, the Internet and the Customer pdf 1.75MB.

Dr Ann Smith | CEO, Enviro-Mark Solutions

Topic: Carbon Reduction Opportunities and InnovationAnn_Smith.jpg

Ann will outline the importance and value of carbon reduction for the organisations that participate in the CEMARS and carboNZero programmes, drawing on examples from New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The presentation will examine a range of initiatives implemented by programme participants, both successful and unsuccessful, and highlight innovations that have emerged in organisations striving to achieve ambitious reduction targets.

To view Ann’s presentation, click this link Carbon Reduction Opportunities and Innovation pdf 1.55MB.

Robert Tromop | Partner, EcoMotion Alliance

Topic: A Controlled-DisruptionTM Process to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Markettromop.jpg

The EV market in NZ offers vast economic benefits to consumers and CO2 reductions at maturity. However consumers and suppliers face a typical adoption ‘chasm’,  with low revenues from low sales for the next decade significantly constraining market development. A controlled disruptionTM process is offered, developing innovative market actions to accelerate uptake to a sustainable EV market.

To view Robert’s presentation, click this link  A Controlled Disruption Process to Accelerate the Electric Vehicle Market pdf 3.56MB.

Dr Sara Walton | Senior Lecturer, Dept of Management, University of Otago

Topic: Entrepreneurial Actors in Transport Systems - an Energy Cultures Perspectivesara walton.jpg

Sara will present a number of case studies of entrepreneurs in New Zealand developing enterprises to disrupt current transportation norms.

To view Sara’s presentation, click this link Entrepreneurial Actors in Transport Systems - an Energy Cultures Perspective pdf 1.91MB

Lin Wang | Energy Storage Director Asia Pacific, BYD

Daisy Shen Managing Director, Element Energy
Topic: Smart grid case studies for large facilities  chen and wang.jpg

BYD will bring its global knowledge and project experience in smart grid applications for better energy management system. It will introduce a case study on the Santa Rita Jail smart grid system.